There are dozens of great fabric artists out on the web. They inspire me. They daunt me. Here are a few artists that I would like to emulate. Their creativity is amazing.

Field is an innovative artist whose work has evolved into fabric collages that truly speak to me. Her use of text and image to make something greater than either is something that I aspire to do. Check out her exhibits Pages Torn 1 and Pages Torn 2.

Julia Berkley’s fabric collage has more of a representational feel than Field’s. Her lively colors and bold shapes are so joyful to me. I particularly like “Jenny’s Triptych.” The use of three panels gives the piece real life, and I was amazed to see that all of the fabrics are prints—Wonderful! I always pull toward using a lot of solids when I consider collage because I am afraid things will become too busy. Berkley’s collages show me that prints don’t have to overwhelm. They can be perfect.

Rayna Gillman has a marvelous sense of balance and rhythm to her work that I really like. I would love to produce cloth like she does, and someday I will have an opportunity to take a class from her.