Well, I seem to have gotten Vista to accept my images, so I will upload a couple images that may turn into a quilt for my friend Jim. It’s his poem. I hope that I do it justice.

The poem, Schattenfreude, is below. A link to the original blog post is here.

Long are the shadows and dark, that lead from light to my joy. Winter grips us now, and even the noonday sun hangs low. I am gnomon; by midday I stand taller beneath the shade of naked trees. Though dusk befalls me, I shall not weep. For the lesser lights that rule the night project the umbra and penumbra of my soul upon the concrete canvas of the city. By day, by night, by the morning’s light and the evening’s shade, I strive and thrive by Schattenfreude.
–Jim Chen

Quilt options:

Option 2 schatt3.jpg