Gees Bend QuiltThe Gees Bend Quilt exhibit is at the Speed Museum. They even have had the quilters themselves come in to talk about the process, the quilts. The quilts are strong, graphic, rich. Most of the quilts are large-scale patterns-log cabins and courthouse steps composed of one big block in beautiful, bold colors.

One of the best things about the Gees Bend Quilts is their beauty is not the primary goal-they are meant to be used, they have been used. They have kept loved ones warm. They have offered comfort. They are utilitarian, and they are lovely.

These quilts illustrate what I love about quilts. Use, beauty, comfort, love. I think these are the reasons I like to quilt. They are the reasons I would be proud to be recognized as a quilter.

Learn more about the quilts and the quilters at this website: