I’m working on my collage quilt for Schattenfreude, and I am faced with the paralysis of options. It’s bad enough that I can think of a dozen image options to illustrate the poem (see a couple options in Joy in Shadows). But now, how do I execute the design? My first effort is primarily photo transfer with some piecing and some applique. It is going to replicate the original collage, but is it a quilt? What makes it a quilt? The design? The piecing? The applique? Will this be better/more than turning the design I created in Photoshop into a poster? How will I know? Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s any way for me to know until it is done–and even then, I will only have my opinion.

Of course, I’ve already considered several other options for this theme, and perhaps the best I can do is play on the theme in different styles and formats until I find the one that speaks to me.