Why do I want to create? Why does anyone want to create, really? To be heard? To be understood? To reach out and not be alone? I think art must be a basic drive to make sense of the world and share that newfound sense with someone else. We do not create in a vacuum. Art is nothing without an audience. Art is nothing without a response–not only from the creator but from the viewer.

I say “viewer” because I am interested in the visual arts at this moment in my life. But it is the same with all art. What is a poem without a reader? What is music if no one listens?

And we want more than just to touch the sense or senses the art requires. We want to touch the gut. We want–we demand–a feeling. It can be joy. It can be sorrow. It can be horror or pain. But we want you to feel. We want you to feel what we cannot say. We want you to catch a glimpse inside.

It makes us alive.