I have a lot of fabric. It’s all in a jumble, no order, no categories. This weekend, I’ve been trying to make order out of chaos, but what type of order do I try to impose? Do I sort by color? By the amount of fabric? As I go through my storage, I’m finding boxes of fabric–some 7 – 10 years old. I have scraps of fabric from clothes I made nearly 15 years ago. I have part of the first jacket I bought after I left my first husband. I have a sleeve from a blouse my mother made for me 30 years ago.

I don’t know where to begin. The chaos that is my fabric collection is just a symptom of the chaos that is my mind. I can’t sort out all my thoughts, my plans, my desires, either. They’re all a jumble.

But as I look at the fabrics, sometimes something snaps into place, and I see a design. I see the connections between a group of fabrics. Maybe all the thoughts and dreams that keep swirling through my mind will offer the same connections and make sense. Perhaps there is already order in the chaos.  Haiku designs offers some insight: Out of Chaos, Brilliant Stars Are Born.