As I work on more collage and art quilt designs, I’m falling in love with Photoshop all over again. With Photoshop, I can take a photo (1) and alter it to make it work for appliqué (2) using the artistic filter “sketch,” or for a quilting pattern/stamping pattern (3) by using the artistic filter “stamp.”

Photoshop and I are going to have a long and happy friendship.

Some examples. (Photo is of Jim C.)


1. Original Photo. As you can see, good detail, and I like the layout, but how in the heck could I produce this in cloth?


2. Cutout. Now this would work for appliqué. The colors and shapes are simplified. Shadowing is reduced.


3. Stamp. OK. Say I wanted to make my own cloth, I could make a stamp that looked like this to do it. I could also use outline and stipple quilting to make the dark gray recede and the light color pop out.