I admit it. I like Andy Warhol . I like the way he could reduce an image to its most spare elements until the image is iconic. I like the silk screens of his iconic images like Marilyn Monroe, completed in bold, striking colors. I like the repetition.

mum.jpgI have a photo of my mother from her youth that is her. My sisters and I see it and recognize it not only as who my mother was when the photo was taken but who she always was. Beautiful, enigmatic, eyes distant-like she could see somewhere we could not go.

photshop-v.jpgI took the image into PhotoShop and was able to reduce it into a more elemental rendering of mom. The image is iconic. My family members are able to immediately recognize it as “mom.” Although reduced to black and white, light and shadow at its most extreme, this image still represents my mother.

My first use of this image was the quilt you see on this site. I’ve used fabric pastels to copy the blacks from the icon onto four different fabrics. I then outline quilted the shadows. I finally added repeats of all the square’s colors with fill quilting in geometric patterns on the squares.

I think my mom would have liked Andy. She was bold, striking. She was iconic. She loved strong colors, and lived her life passionately.

Yes. Mom would have liked Andy. I hope she would have liked the quilt, too.