Today I realized that I am living in a self-imposed vacuum. I have heard mention of other quilters and frabric artists in Louisville, but I’ve never really gone out and looked for any. At a fundraiser on Thursday night, a former colleague (Bill) mentioned to me again that I ought to learn more about one such artist, Mary Craik, who has moved from a career as a professor at the University of Louisville back to her first interest: textiles and art.

Taking Bill’s advice, I googled Mary. And what I found was quite wonderful. Her designs range from light-hearted to heart-stopping. Her words on the site are endearing and friendly, and I will contact her to see what I may learn from this lively and entertaining woman.

If you like fabric art, you’ll want to visit Mary’s site:

Or if you are in Louisville, check out her studio at 815 E. Market Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40206.