Textile work is time-consuming–at least for me. I agonize along every step, from the design, to the quilt top to any and all embellishments–even the binding. It’s a slow process. But there are moments when I can’t wait for results anymore. If I don’t complete something, I will wither away and die. I need to feel complete–even if what makes me complete isn’t my ultimate goal, my ultimate plan.

necklace.jpgOn days like that, I find myself drawn to other arts and crafts. Ones to which I haven’t made a commitment; ones from which I expect nothing more than a gift to make someone smile.  On days like today, I turn to beading, which can guarantee a result before the end of an hour or two.  I had promised someone a necklace from these wooden beads the color of straw, so I sought through my collections to find the colors that fit her vision, and I pulled the beads together, one-by-one. At the end of an hour, I had a piece that sparkles (believe me–it may not shine in the photo, but it sparkles in the light.)

I admit it. This distraction didn’t help me complete a quilt, but it cleared my head. It made me smile, and the person who requested it will smile tomorrow, too. And that was worth a little detour.