I’m fortunate to live in Louisville. It has a vibrant art community. I wanted to share some of the fabric artists I have found in Louisville. (As I find more, I’ll share those as well.) I’d like to encourage you to visit their sites, and if you are in Louisville, look for their galleries/exhibits as well.

Mary Craik Fiber Artist

Mary invites you to her studio at 815 E. Market Street in Louisville, saying “My goal is to please the eye and the heart. It is my hope that when you see my work you will feel some of the joy I feel when I am doing it.”

Marti Plager Fiber Artist

Plager describes herself as “a fiber artist who works with fabric, thread and the sewing machine to create contemporary art quilts. My work can be either representational or non-representational and I do not limit myself to one or the other. I primarily work with commercial and hand dyed cotton fabrics to piece together the design on my home sewing machine. The quilting stitches are also added with the sewing machine to create more interest and texture.”

Gloria’s Goddesses

Gloria Kemper-O’Neil is a Louisville-area fiber artist who describes herself in the following way: “I am a grandmother and a retired RN. My work embodies female energy, images, abstracts, shapes and colors that inspire me. I enjoy exploring, breaking the rules and being open to the unexpected. This freedom brings about many surprises!”

Penny Sisto 

OK, she really lives in Floyds Knobs, Indiana, but that’s just a 10-minute drive from Louisville. Here is what Sisto has to say about her textile pieces: “The images, the beings on my work haunt and whisper to me as I make them live. I learn sometimes things that only they can tell, as I sew the edges of their world. Some of the collectors who take them home with them tell me that they catch echoes, see the compassion in their quilted eyes, feel the warmth of their spirit…that is the fabric-world’s gift to me and mine to you, the people who look at my pieces.”