I thought I would sketch out quilt designs as I work them out, but I keep finding myself returning to Photoshop. One would think this would be a sterile environment. After all, I like to work with my hands. And computer screens can’t let me feel the strokes. But I still find the computer a way to make my ideas visual.

I like the gridlines and the rules I can lay on a page. I like making blocks and filling them in with color, then adding a pattern on top to make it read a little more like fabric. My latest effort will become a wallhanging. I know it won’t look exactly like this, but creating this electronic version has helped me focus on the colors and the lines I want.

This one will use brown and green fabrics in in strips with an undulating blue (or maybe another shade of green) creek bed, filled with buttons. The sky will be a little more free-form than what I have here, but it’s a start.