Joy in Shadows is complete. I’ve quilted the trees, added circular quilting around the flower and the statue’s face. The final quilt is approximately 24″x30″. I feel that the images I used, the silhouette, the lilly with its sharp shadow, the face looking skyward, all work well with the original poem, Schattenfreude, by Jim Chen. Jim’s original imagery for the poem still resonates for me. The black and white photos he chose hold a silence and a cold comfort that Joy in Shadows does not replicate, but still, I think this quilt does some justice to the words:

joy_in_shadows.jpgjoy_in_shadows.jpgLong are the shadows and dark, that lead from light to my joy. Winter grips us now, and even the noonday sun hangs low. I am gnomon; by midday I stand taller beneath the shade of naked trees. Though dusk befalls me, I shall not weep. For the lesser lights that rule the night project the umbra and penumbra of my soul upon the concrete canvas of the city. By day, by night, by the morning’s light and the evening’s shade, I strive and thrive by Schattenfreude.

To see the original images selected by Jim to illustrate his poem, click on the link to the poem Schattenfreude.