I’ve just finished reading Mixed-Media Collage: An Exploration of Contemporary Artists, Methods, and Materials, a book by Holly Harrison. I would like to recommend it to any quilter who is seeking inspiration or techniques to create fabric collage. One of the artists profiled, Sharon McCartney, works in mixed media but uses a lot of fabric and stitching in her work. Her pieces seem to have themes of both nature and the spiritual in them. I am drawn to her work and would like to learn more about her techniques and processes.

Her work is included in Harrison’s book listed above, as well as another Harrison book, Altered Books, Collaborative Journals and Other Adventures in Bookmaking, which I have just ordered in order to see more of McCartney’s work. I have also ordered Perennial Grace, an Illustrated Journal, which is authored by McCartney. (The amazon.com post provides little detail, but if if has even one of her collages, it is worth purchasing to me.)

I have searched for a website for her, but have found none. The closest I have found is an online exhibit from the Mulford Gallery of her work. Click here to see the page that includes thumbnails and a brief bio of McCartney.

Below is a sample of her work that I find beautiful.