I have started painting fabrics using Dye Na Flow. It is great fun, and I am getting the hang of developing variegated color in my samples. I used cerulean blue on this sample, and plan to use it in conjunction with another hand-dyed blue fabric to create a four-patch background for a sky background, with a blossoming cherry tree branch jutting into the quilt scene.

Now that I’m developing some confidence in using the paints, it’s time to move on to actually dyeing fabrics. That worries me a bit. You need to mix the dyes, you need to add soda ash, you need to soak, you need to rinse, you need to wash. And I see opportunities for my sloppiness to create unbelievable mess.

Splashing dye… Dripping facbric… Dropping a tub of dye onto the floor… Blue hands…

The opportunities for disaster are legion.

But the little fabric painting I have done leaves me hungry for more. So I will make a mess. I will dye my hands. And I will create fabrics to use in my quilts.