SirensI have started eight quilts since I rented my studio space, and still the sirens call me to do more.

Keep going.

I awake at night with visions of cloth and color demanding my attention. I walk down the sidewalk and see the colors of nature and envision how I can re-create them in fabric.

Try something new.

Thus far, only two quilts are finished (with two more at the binding stage), so I am actually completing some of the work. But the sirens don’t call me to finish. They cry out for me to start something new. With every step in the process on one quilt, the sirens sing to me of the beautiful things we could do if we started a new project. If I heed the sirens, will I wreck upon the reefs, completing nothing? Or can I let them drive me to create, tame their voices and reach closure on each project?

I don’t know.

But right now, the sirens call, and I must follow them.