I attended my second LAFTA (Louisville Area Fiber and Textile Artists) meeting last night, and the program included a “show and tell” of works and techniques members developed from attending workshops. These artists shared some beautiful textiles, books, and collage that were either created during (or because of) workshops they attended. Almost every presenter had a wonderful story to tell about the experience of learning, and the importance of taking classes/workshops to expand one’s art.

The presentations did lead to expressions of frustration regarding findingclasses and workshops close to home. While some of those in attendance belong to a variety of organizations that not only host such programs but also promote all opportunities, many of us have limited informational resources and often feel that we are too late in finding out about workshops and the like. The group has agreed to try to share more of this information among LAFTA members through email announcements.

In the mean time, I thought I would share a few of the resources that the group suggested for finding workshops:

Visit Galleries. Ask both gallery owners and the artists who display there if there are any educational opportunities. Don’t be afraid to give someone your card and ask to be contacted if a workshop will be held.

Check the Leo Weekly, under A&E Listings — both gallery exhibits and workshops are listed. (As of the writing of this entry, the Leo’s web page was down, but I found several listings in the paper itself, which comes out every Wednesday.)

The Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft offers adult classes. Their Summer schedule isn’t up as of this posting, but I will try to remember to let you guys know if and when it is posted.

The Kentucky Heritage Quilt Society has annual retreats and shows that it promotes to its members. (True. I don’t think anything is generally in Louisville per se, but most events are within a day’s drive.)

The Embroiderer’s Guild of America (housed right downtown) offers classes, both online and in-house,  and has a nice collection of free projects and listings of embroidery-related events.

Friends & Colleagues. Finally, we often forget how creative and generous those we know can be. If one of your colleagues has a great technique, why not ask him or her to consider offering a workshop? You can even host the event at your own home or studio!