I’ve outgrown my studio. In February, 135 square feet seemed like such a luxury, but by the beginning of May, I realized I needed more room. Part of the problem is that the more time I have spent in the studio, the more aspects of fiber work I have tried and fallen in love with.

When I started, the space seemed perfect for a sewing machine, a cutting table, ironing space and storage for fabric. (OK – OK – from day one, I realized that I didn’t have room for all my fabric, but one can’t have everything.) Here it is, less than four months later, and I have added yarns, beads, dyes, paints, and all the tools that go with knitting, crocheting, beading, and fabric dyeing.

Suffice to say, my space is packed to the gills, and — unfortunately — in total disarray.

So I have taken the plunge and rented a larger space. A MUCH larger space. 400 square feet. It’s enough space for all I have and room to house a long-arm quilting machine (if I ever get the courage — and money — to try that). I’ve spent the last week cleaning the space, scrubbing walls, and trying to get enough primer on the walls to hide the electric blue, orange and red that the last artist used for the walls.

This decision has the full support of my family and friends. They’ve even supported my taking time off work to really focus on this thing called art. I am filled with excitement and terror. I hope I don’t let them down. I hope I don’t let me down.