I located yet another bin in our basement. Another pile of detritus from my life that I haven’t looked at in over 10 years. I opened it up expecting junk. Instead, I found unfinished projects and fabrics I hadn’t seen since I lived in Lexington. I dug through the fabrics and realized that the bin was the history of my lost love affair with crazy quilting. I found patches that I had started and abandoned, and I wondered why I had stopped.


Crazy quilts are difficult to clean. The embroidery is delicate. The fabrics are often fragile. Crazy quilts are not practical for beds. They aren’t sensible to use as covers. They aren’t the reason I started quilting.

But they are beautiful. They are organic. They are natural and exotic and free.

I gave up on this quilting style because it wasn’t useful. But now it’s come back to me — at a time when I want to create art. I lost the quilting style. It appears it is time I find it again.