I continue to move from my original shop (6 foot by 22 feet in size) to my new shop (13 feet by 24 feet in size). It is HUGE!!! I have moved nearly all my orginal equipment supplies and furniture, and the space is still empty. It is very exciting. I’ll have room for a bigger cutting board. I’ll have a dyeing station. I’ll have space for table and chairs to allow friends to stop by and paint/sew/collage with me. Even if I add all those work stations, I could still fit a long-arm quilting machine in there.

Anyone living in Louisville who needs/wants space to create, space to be messy, space just to be, will want to check out the Mellwood Arts and Entertainment Center. Although the number of empty studios is limited, spaces do become available, and prices/sizes range from 100 square-foot to over 400. The prices are good. The utilities are free, and the neighbors are fascinating!

Below are photos of the center. The first shot is my old shop. Next are a couple of my new space. (The orange walls were the choice of a previous tenant). Finally, I have shots of some of my neighbors’ spaces — to give you an idea of the lay of the land.