Quilting BeeThis Sunday I spent around three hours in a classroom, surrounded by women I really didn’t know, trying something really out of my comfort zone: I was ripping out seams and preparing to re-think what to do with an old T-shirt.

This was a LAFTA workshop, Deconstruction and Reconstruction of Clothing. I’m not much of a clothing person. I don’t understand style, and I don’t really worry about it. But this was a fabric workshop, and I was hungry to try something new.

So I joined about 12 other women and spent the afternoon ripping up clothes, adding new pieces here, taking something else away there, We talked about our artistic efforts. We talked about our lives. We laughed, we made suggestions, we created.

I learned things. I learned about imaginative ways to remake clothing. I learned about some of the people I have chosen to share dreams and ideas with. And I tell you, laughing, learning, and sharing with like-minded people is a key to growing as a fiber artist.