An artist and blogger who I respect, Jude Hill (Spirit Cloth), has recently discovered that other workers in fabric have used her designs without her permission. This saddens me. Jude shows a real passion for and spiritual connection to her work. No one can really copy it. No one else could put the same amount of heart in it.

Unfortunately, her pain has led me to think about — and worry about — my own creativity (or lack thereof).

Do I actual have original thoughts? Aren’t all my ideas pulled from ideas original to others? I worry so that I will take another person’s idea without intending to. If I create something using a Photoshop filter, does that have anything at all to do with my own talents?

Still, I am my own person. I can make an Ohio Star quilt, and it will have my signature (my color choices, my pitiful points, my quilting choices). Perhaps as long as I do not intentionally copy, my personality, my style, my quirks, still make the ultimate design my own.

I hope so.