The Mixed Media Monday Challenge for this week was “Rust.” Perfect! There’s a fabric dyeing technique using rusty metal objects that I had wanted to try. This was definitely the time to do it. But what to do with rust-stained fabric?

Old, worn objects? No.

Old memories? Yes.

“Diamonds and Rust.” Yes! I loved that song in my youth, still do. Joan Baez has a fantastic and mournful voice. The lyrics are bittersweet and painful. The love affair between Baez and Bob Dylan is epic.

So I took my rusted fabric, painted Joan’s image from the “Farewell Angelina” cover, and added crystals to suggest diamonds (they don’t show up so well on the photo — sorry.) I used a photo image transfer to pull iconic images of Joan and Bob into the border, and added a few stanzas of the song to finish framing her. I still have more quilting to go, but I am very pleased with the result thus far. I hope you like it.

Diamonds and Rust

Diamonds and Rust

I also wanted you guys to hear the music that inspired this tribute, so here is a You Tube video of “Diamonds and Rust.”