Sometimes we need to take classes to grow. They give us an opportunity to meet like-minded people, to learn new techniques, and to see things from a different perspective. With that in mind, I’m taking a couple “personal enrichment” courses from the University of Louisville this fall. Personal enrichment, I suppose, means these classes aren’t for a grade or a degree. Of course, some of the best learning I have ever received was neither for a degree nor a grade, so I don’t think that should stop anyone from trying new things.

The classes I am taking are from the Delphi Center and include Intro to Silk Painting and Intro to Drawing. The silk painting will be valuable to me as a fiber artist. The drawing should improve my ability to “see” a scene and recreate it (at least, that is my hope.) (Additional: they are also offering a course on Digital Photography that I am quite tempted to take.)

Louisville has many opportunities to grow and to learn. In addition to the personal enrichment courses through the Delphi Center,  Jefferson County Public Schools offer “Lifelong Learning,” programs that run the gamut from “leisure learning to career enhancement.” Bellarmine University also provides continuing education programs (though they have not yet posted their fall schedule).

I never want to stop learning. I hope you, too, never stop.