Alex with self-designed quilt block.

Alex with self-designed quilt block.

I gave Alex the purse made with her fabric. She was extremely pleased, and it led to her next adventure in fabric. She visited me at my shop and decided she wanted to make a quilt. She began by picking some fabrics (she selected batiks, low immersion fabrics, and painted fabrics. All in pinks, purples and colors that fall appropriately along the spectrum.

She then drew a grid to show the size of the individual fabric squares that would go in her first block. I cut the fabric (I am not comfortable letting a child — OK anyone — use my rotary cutter.

Then she arranged the fabrics in a pattern that pleased her, and we sewed the pieces together. (I guide while she runs the pedal.) After we got some of the pieces together, Alex looked at the design, and decided it needed something, so we rotated the fabric squares for a couple of the columns. Once that was finished, Alex picked out a light and a dark purple to border the block. We finished the first of many blocks necessary to make her quilt.

It’s a lovely block. Alex didn’t follow a set design. She improvised. When she didn’t feel it was working, she changed her plan. She will be a great quilter one day.