The Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft has a great selection of workshops planned for this fall. Workshops range from stone carving, to tapestry, to day of the dead shrines. To review all the programs, click here.

There are so many to choose from — I don’t know which to take! I know I will take the tapestry class by Louise Halsey (September 27).

Alana Alford (who teaches art at duPont Manual) creates some beautiful fabric pieces, but her workshop will be on altering clothes (October 11), and I am not a big altered clothing person.

Suzanne Martino will be conducting a Day of the Dead workshop on October 25. Suzanne’s studio is at the Mellwood Arts Center, and my husband has already purchased a couple of her mixed media pieces. We’ll both be going to this workshop.

Finally (for me) Mary Nehring will be conducting a class on creating small landscape quilts November 8. She’ll be using silk-painting techniques, and since I’ll be taking a class on that this fall, I think I should definitely attend this workshop — just to get things from another perspective.

Classes each run about four hours and range in price from about $50 – $60 each. (If you are a member of KMAC, you get $5 off the registration cost.)

Hope to see some of you guys there!