Mixed Media Monday‘s challenge for the week was to create something in fall colors. I like fall colors, but — oddly enough — don’t have many of them in my fabric collection. (Something I must remedy soon.) As I dug through my yellows and oranges, though, I did find some beautiful hand-dyed pieces that ranged from orange to rusty brown. I pulled some other plain fabrics in yellow and brown, and then — in the bottom of a basket of remnants, I found this lovely silk with an orange and yellow design.

OK. I found my fabrics, but what was I going to do with them? I’ve heard about quilters using iron-on transfers to good effect, and I thought I would give that a go. I found line drawings of a dragonfly and of the insect’s larval process. I found a few sentences about its life cycle, and I was set.

The iron-on transfer paper I have is supposed to work best on light colors. But I wanted to see just how dark I could go and still get a good transfer. So I transferred onto yellow, orange and light brown. I’m afraid the transfer on the brown doesn’t show up well on the photo, but it works pretty well in person. From this I have learned that I can create a more collaged effect on fabric with transfers, and that I am not limited to really light colors. (My next experiment will include transferring onto a print.)

Here is my dragonfly study. He’s likely the start of a bigger wall hanging, and I can’t wait!

Dragonfly Collage

Dragonfly Collage