When Mixed Media Monday issued the challenge of “paper doll/art doll,” I was in quite a quandary. I never had dolls as a child. Well, those I did have were usually summarily dissected and remade into things other than their original intent. Suffice to say, the disemboweled talking Barbie ensured that my mother never allowed me another doll of any sort.

So when it came time to make an art doll, I was hesitant. Could I actually create an object I could never responsibly care for as a child? Hmmm….

Not certain how to proceed, I took a doll face I had made from a mold earlier and attached it to pipe cleaners. Pitiful! The poor dear was bald, skinny and naked. This was not a good start.

I dug through my yarns until I found a nice wool that easily filled out the back of her poor flat head and gave her a nice ‘do. Then I grabbed some gold lame from another project and wrapped her — in a rather primitive attempt at a dress. I added some more yarn around her waist to add color to her dress.

OK. Not bad. But I figured I needed to set her in a scene of sorts, so I found a little box, coverered it with some bamboo-green fabric, and lay my little doll down. Perfect!

I felt relatively good about this doll. I hadn’t turned her into a ghoul, or a mummy, or part of an archeological dig, like I did to my dolls as a child. I hadn’t left her naked or dismembered. Maybe I have a nurturing bone in my body after all. So feeling somewhat vindicated that my inner little girly-girl actually existed, I showed her to my husband, who said, “why, in heaven’s name, did you put her in a coffin?”

I looked at my green box and saw the similarity. Oh well. I guess my inner girly-girl continues to be AWOL.

She looks quite peaceful, doesn't she?

She looks quite peaceful, doesn't she?