I am tired of 1/4-inch seams in quilts. I follow the rule because that is what I know. It is tradition. the consistency and small overlap make hand-quilting easier. But baby quilts fall apart a little faster, and I’m machine quilting now. So why should I stick to the 1/4-inch rule?

I do realize that for consistency and appropriate layout, I will need to pick another seam allowance and stick with it. I also know that I must modify any traditional quilt patterns (or quick-piece patterns) because they are based on the golden rule of the 1/4-inch.

This decision is very freeing. In part because I chafe at rules. In part because my machine-sewn seams often fail to meet this rule. In part because I am moving away from patterns and traditional design in all my quilts, and this rule has been one that has preyed on my mind, always there to point out how sloppy I am, what a poor seamstress I am.

I want this to make my quilts more interesting, more organic. But there is always the fear that instead they will just get sloppier and less elegant. It is too early to know which way my quilting will go. Wish me luck.