Mixed Media Monday has asked us to share what we loved doing in 2008. Ah, where to begin? I learned to paint silk. I learned to transfer faces onto fabric in a variety of ways. I stretched out and tried so many new things this year, that it is difficult to choose.

But I think I will say that it is learning to translate a face into fabric. Whether through applique, oil pastels, inks, or dyes, capturing a face and seeing another person recognize the person is wonderful. Over this past year, I portrayed my mother in oil pastels; Flannery O’Connor was created in fabric and ink; Louis D. Brandeis was appliqued, and Joan Baez was painted onto rusty fabric.

Yes. I think creating faces in fabric was what I loved doing in 2008.

Here is Joan; I never got around to photographing Louis:

Joan in Diamonds

Joan in Diamonds