This week’s Mixed Media Monday challenge is “fruit.” Hermine, who offered the challenge, has a lovely piece, using warm colors and nostalgic fruit images and lettering.

In keeping with my effort to stay fabric this year, I wanted to do a small quilted piece. I was fortunate enough to have received my copy of Quilting Arts this week, which has a great article on thread painting by Terry White. Thread painting is sort of a free-motion embroidery technique in which the thread is used, like paint, to build up the color and shape of an image. Terry’s example was an apple, so I thought it would be perfect.

I did not use stabilizer, but used batting instead, and I did not have an embroidery hoop to hold the fabric taut, so I am a bit bumpy. However, I do like the mix of different colors of thread and am pleased with my first attempt at drawing with the sewing machine. (Note: The title was added to the scan of my piece in Photoshop–just to add a little more to the project.