This week’s Mixed Media Monday challenge was “romance.” Rosie provided the challenge.

Romance. Romance. Romance. Sigh. Not one of my strengths. I am not romantic. I don’t hope for jewelry or flowers or candy from my loved ones. I hope for books, or fabric, or books about using fabric.

But, the challenge is romance.

Diane, bless her, thought that this challenge was perfect because of the time of year. (Valentine’s Day is next Saturday.) OK. Good. That’s a start. Valentine’s …. Hearts.

Good. I’ll use hearts. (No! No! Not the anatomically correct one, Igor!)

Let’s see. Hearts. Hearts and lace? OK. Nice, old fashioned. I dig through my lace and actually FIND a lace heart. We’re cooking with gas here. OK. Old fashioned valentines. Lace heart. Ummm …. velvet! It’s a nice, rich, romantic fabric. Digging around again, I find some black velvent.

OK. I think we have a winner here. Velvet, lace, some shiny lining material will contrast well with the velvet. Hmm… a little bland, though. Let’s add a little bit of red as piping and around the border. A leaf out of Lumiere paint will add some sparkle. I need to keep practicing my free-motion embroidery, so let’s add another heart, and — Hey! — my sewing machine has a built-in embroidery design that makes a heart border. Excellent!

And here, I present A Little Romance.

Isn't it romantic?

Isn't it romantic?