I have been smitten with the batik bug. I used soy wax as a resist on some silks I dyed and liked the results, but they were tone-on-tone — very subtle. In my second attempt, I used cotton muslin and was not subtle.

I first used a lemon yellow dye all over. Next, I melted soy wax and applied it with a foam stamp. (Since soy wax melts at a low temperature, I had no problems using the foam.)

I let the wax dry, crumpled the fabric and dipped the fabric in turquoise. (Note: since soy wax melts at very low temperatures, I did this in cold water with soda ash fixative and left the material overnight.)

Finally, on one panel, I added more wax and dipped it in a medium blue. I didn’t wait for the cloth to be completely dry before I applied the wax, so the resist was less than stellar; however, I love the mix of colors.

When all was done and rinsed, I simmered the fabric in hot water with a little synthrapol. And that was enough to remove the wax. (I didn’t even have to get the water to a boil!) It was a great adventure, and the next time I will dye several yards at a time.