My Bernina went into the shop on Monday. I’m having some problems with the bobbin thread picking up when I use the basic stitch regulator. Bernie will be gone for at least 2 weeks. (They think there’s a problem on one of the circuit boards.)

Now, this doesn’t mean I am totally machine-less. I have an old Viking that I hadn’t used in several years. I took it out of storage, cleaned it carefully, and started using it.

I am spoiled. I miss my Bernina.

I’m not saying that my Viking is a bad machine. It’s a very good machine. But I have grown accustomed to the bells and whistles my Bernina offers. I can set the Bernina to always stop with the needle either up or down. The Viking just stops when I let up on the foot pedal. (This has caused me to forget and try to turn the fabric without engaging the needle, and I’ve almost pulled fabric out from under the needle while the needle is engaged.) Sigh.

In addition, the Bernina lets me regulate my speed with a switch. The Viking relies entirely on the pressure on the foot pedal. I had forgotten how tired my ankle could get trying to maintain consistent pressure on the pedal. It’s much easier to put the pedal to the metal and maintain a slower speed by lowering the speed on the machine itself.

On the plus side, I have used the basic stitch regulator on my Bernina long enough that I have become confident enough to free motion quilt without it. (I had purchased a darning foot for my Viking nearly 8 years ago, but I could never get the swing of quilting with it. Now that I have more experience and confidence thanks to my Bernina, the quilting moves well and looks pretty good (if I do say so myself.)

At least I now know that I have two machines and I won’t have to live machine-free at any time.

But still …. I miss ya, Bernie.