One thing has been a constant in this past year of art-making: There are a whole lot of scraps, bits and pieces (aka leftovers) after each project. I’m ashamed to admit how many leftovers I’ve thrown out this year, but I did save some. (And save them, and save, and save — as they piled up accusingly in the corner of my artspace.

The new year left me with two options: Throw them out or use them. This year, I resolve to use them. I’m not always sure how they’ll be used, and I’ll probably set some sort of size minimum for my leftover bits, but I will make things with my leftovers!

With this in mind, I volunteered to host the first Mixed Media Monday challenge of the new year, and I decided to up the ante by using both art leftovers and holiday leftovers.

Clara and Louise uses the top of a box of chocolates as its base. The blue and silver paper is gift wrap. The cream background is fabric that I had run through my printer (most was used in a gift for my mother-in-law). The light blue stripe is from a scrap from another Mixed Media Mondaw, “Frosty.” The “seat” is from an applique piece. The twins pictured are my grandmother. Louise, and her twin sister, Clara. I had printed multiple sizes/versions of their photo for another piece I am STILL working on.

I hope that I’ll be able to reduce the amount of art materials I throw out this year, and Louise and Clara (or is it Clara and Louise) are going to be my guardian angels as I strive to do so.

Clara and Louise