Mixed Media Monday‘s challenge this week was giggles and laughter. Hmm… wasn’t sure what to do with it. After agonizing for most of the week, I finally got my inspiration from ebay. I had bid on a cigar box of “things from a junk drawer.” I know. Dangerous. But curiosity will out.

One item in the box was an old (maybe 40s or 50s) “hot seat” gag novelty. And it hit me: gag gifts, jokes, laughter. OK! I was on to something!!

I had been scanning family photos, and had just scanned a photo of my father when he was around 11 years old. There was something about his smile that said “mischief” to me. So I decided to pair his photo with the novelty piece.  Because I know gag gifts and practical jokes are such a temptation to young kids (particularly, I think to young boys), I added a dictionary definition for “temptation.”

I remember my father’s smile when he would recount his youthful adventures, and I think this piece fits that smile and those memories.

He just had to do it.