I do love to dye fabric, though I am lazy. I tend to use pre-mixed Jacquard dyes instead of mixing my own from the basic palette.  So you can imagine my dismay when I used fire engine red and got what I could only describe as fuschia. Oh, and I had dyed two yards to this rather hot pink color.

What to do…

I over-dyed the hot pink and am quite pleased with the results. The photos below first the offending fushia, then the red-orange created by over-dyeing with Jacquard’s Rust Orange. The next is over-dyed with Jacquard’s Chocolate Brown. (I had already learned that the Choclate Brown created more of a dark chocolate–nearly black.) The results improved the original and proved to me that there are no mistakes in dyeing: only new opportunities.

Ack! Attack of the Fushia!

Let’s try some orange rust:

Far more subdued.

(well, as subdued as those fiery colors can be.

What about the chocolate brown?

Seems more purple than brown

But it is a success!