This week’s Mixed Media Monday theme was “eggs.” I have to admit. I had nothing. Nothing egg-y came to mind.

Fortunately, many, many years ago, when I had far more time than money, I made my sister a mobile to put in the baby’s room for her first child. Having no cash and few supplies, I created the mobile from eggs that had been blown (the contents becoming very tasty scrambled egg dinners). After blowing and cleaning each egg, I dug through my finger nail polishes and those of my friends, and painted each egg with the polish (providing a hard and shiny coating). I then macrame-d the nets over these egg balloons, and crocheted tiny baskets for each. I had come across a photo of the mobile this week while trying to organize old photos, and I thought it must be fate. So here is my very old egg-venture.

Shelby's Mobile, circa 1991