Mixed Media Monday’s theme this week is “Mother.” This theme is pretty easy for me, since I’m always using my mom’s image in my work.

This wall hanging started with fabric I dyed, painted, stamped and wrote on. I added more texture to the fabric with some free motion quilting.

I had a quote from “Hamlet” in which he chastises his mother. (Not something I would ever do, but I wanted some text that included the word “mother.”) I gave the text piece a rust shadow to which I added some brads that looked like tarnished bronze.

Last year, I purchased an “inspiration kit” by Stef Francis that was so cool and beautiful that I hadn’t been able to use it.  (Sad, isn’t it?) Well, the colors in the kit (rusts, coppers, reds) worked so beautifully with my fabric that I knew it was time to open it up. I used the mottled felt as a frame for a photo of my mother, printed on organza. I mirrored that with a piece of rusty brown crinkled silk that framed two skeleton leaves (all of which were also from the kit). I added some hand-dyed green fabric, and found that the kit also had a lovely rayon variegated embroidery floss that ranged from browns to greens. I used that to stitch around mom’s photo and to add French knots at each corner of the crinkled silk.

And so, my mother takes flight in this fabric collage.