It is a common practice among art quilters/fiber collage artists to incorporate paper into their work. It’s something that always worried me because it seemed so likely that the paper would tear when stitched.

I decided to face my fears and create just such a collage.

The sparrow image is transferred onto fabric using TAP transfer paper. The gold paper is homemade and includes a layer of tissue paper and many washes of both regular acrylic and irridescent paints. Both of these were stitched onto a hand-dyed fabric that I had free-motion quilted.

Finally, to try something new, I stiched the quilt onto a canvas that I painted with gold and copper-toned paints.

All-in-all, I’m quite pleased with the results.

Detail of the free motion quilting

Detail of free motion quilting.

The stitching on the paper was finished with beads.

At the top, you can see where I stitched the quilt to the canvas.