This upcoming week’s Mixed Media Monday challenge was by yours truly. I invited everyone to make art like a child–techniques used by children, tap into your inner child, or something along those lines.

Oddly enough, I found this difficult. (I know I suggested it and all, but, gosh!)

There were so many options, I wasn’t sure where to start. Then, on Mother’s Day, I was with two neices, who were drawing with crayons. (Ah-ha!) I asked them to make some very abstract drawings–and there was my start.

My first piece uses a page colored by my neice, Ella, as the background. (Note the signature at the bottom right.) I added a vintage image of a child, and decided it was perfect:

Child's play by Ella.

Next, I used a drawing by Lily. I cut out a leaf shape from Lily’s art, added that to a page of music (“Jesus loves the little children”) along with another vintage child image. I put all this on a background that I finger-painted (Note to self: Do not finger paint with acrylics.) And here it is:

Lily's art

I enjoyed working with my neices, so I thought I would thank them (and their mother) with one final set of pieces from the girls’ artwork: