This week, for Mixed Media Monday,  I invited artists to think about the myths and symbols they often use in their work. They were asked to create a piece using some of those symbols/myths and explain why the symbols speak to them.

My piece, Take Flight, uses the image of a bird and text. After thinking about my own imagery, I realized that birds and text both speak to me.

Birds/flight suggest freedom, spiritual paths, and creativity to me. They symbolize my desire to rise above my doubts, to create things that are beautiful, for my spirit to soar with joy, to escape the bonds of my self-imposed limitations.

Text, both readable and as a visual element, remind me of my efforts to make sense and give meaning to my life and to my art. While I sometimes use actual words (see “Joy” in this piece), I also like to use text with no intention of understanding the words. This helps remind me that sometimes, the words are not as important as the image.

The background of “Take Flight” is free-motion quilted. The bird is transferred over the top of words–written and printed–that I had printed onto fabric for another piece.  I added faux typewriter keys that spell “joy” on the right, and a line of moons fall below the bird.