Buy Local Friday, May 21 2010 

On Sunday, May 23, the Louisville Visual Art Association is hosting a By Local First Fair at the Water Tower from 2:00 until 6:00. There will be around 150 booths showing the wares of local artists, retailers, farmers and brewers. I will have a booth in the building itself–my first art fair. (Scary!)

The weather should be good, and I hope you can come.

For more information, click here.


Clifton Art Supply Thursday, Sep 24 2009 

Time to plug a new neighborhood hangout: Clifton Art Supply. It’s a new art supply store on Frankfort Avenue here in Louisville. As a person who likes to buy local whenever possible, I am happy to purchase from them whenever I can. (Plus, since they are in the neighborhood, I can actually WALK there — how’s that for shopping local?)

The store is no giant mega art center, but the staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Their products are varied, and they will find particular items for you if you ask.

I want to encourage my Louisville artist friends to stop by and give the store a chance.

Making Collage Papers Sunday, Aug 2 2009 

As I mentioned in my last post, I am working through the book Mixed Mania, trying the techniques the authors, Debbi Crane and Cheryl Prather, describe. In one lesson, Debbi Crane urges mixed media and collage artists to create their own art papers rather than rely on commercial ones. She recommends using a mix of pens, watercolors and water color crayons to get started. My first attempt was a bit time-consuming. Had I used some stamps or textures rather than simply doodling, I could have finished it in  no time. Once I scanned in the doodle, I enhanced it in Photoshop, and liked the image even more. Now I have two different papers, all my own to print and use in my art.

Doodle with watercolor, manipulated in Photoshop

Doodle with watercolor, manipulated in Photoshop

Doodle and watercolor

Doodle and watercolor

Mellwood Figurative Collective Open House Wednesday, Apr 22 2009 

The Mellwood Arts and Entertainment Center has a great opportunity for artists and visitors alike on this FAT Friday (April 24).

Drink & Draw with members of the Life Drawing class.  From 7-9:00 pm  in Life Drawing Studio (2nd Floor).

The event is free and open to the public.  Easels and costume model supplied, You bring your drawing supplies, and anything else you may need.

Women of Wisdom Art Exhibit Tuesday, Mar 3 2009 

Silk painting by Luci Mistratov at the show

Silk painting by Luci Mistratov at the show

The 2009 Women of Wisdom Art Exhibit, titled, “Women on the Move,” will be housed in the Family Scholar House throughout the month of March. Everyone is welcome to attend the grand opening of this free month-long event on Thursday, March 5 at 1000 West Broadway. The opening runs 5 – 7 p.m.  Half of all proceeds from the sale of work on exhibit will be donated to the Family Scholar House.

A number of excellent artists’ work will be on display:

Barbara Bugg, Bonnie Rettig, Debra Lott, Felice Sachs, Gloria Kemper-O’Neil, Glynis Mary McManamon, RGS, Helen Merrick, Ilse Mitchell, Janice (J. Folk) Miller, Jill Minogue, Joyce Ogden, RSM, Luci Mistratov (my silk-painting teacher), Lucretia Beatty, Mary Craik, Nancy L. Burk, Shirley Knoop, and Virginia Lee Alcott

(Go to the exhibit page to see the works each artist will present.)

The Family Scholar House mission is to give single-parent students the support they need to achieve a four-year college degree. I hope to see you at the opening! (I’ll be one of the students learning about composition and color from these marvelous artists’ work.)

Georgia on My Mind Sunday, Feb 22 2009 

I had the opportunity to host Mixed Media Monday’s challenge this week. I chose as the challenge theme “heroes.” There are many people who are my heroes. There are many types of heroes. I thought I would focus on an artist for this piece. I decided to honor Georgia O’Keeffe.

O’Keeffe’s flowers are sensuous and rich. Her willingness to take the essense of the flower to an abstract level is delightful. O’Keeffe suffered many bouts of self-doubt and fear, but she continued to work and grow as an artist. Even as her vision failed her in her 80’s, O’Keeffe continued to create art.

I try to remember this quote of O’Keeffe’s when I try something new: “I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life – and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.” I hope to always remember not to let my doubt and fears keep me from trying new things.

Georgia on My Mind

Georgia on My Mind

Kentucky Crafted: The Market Wednesday, Feb 18 2009 

This weekend Kentucky Crafted: The Market will be at the Kentucky Exposition Center, South Wing B. The market allows Kentucky artisans to show off their work to wholesalers and retailers on Friday. Then the market is opened to the public.

The market is a wonderful opportunity to see who’s who in the Kentucky art scene. You can see what new crafts and art are being made here. You can see what’s hot. Many artisans will be doing demonstrations, so you can see first-hand how they ply their trade. You can make contacts with other like-minded individuals, and you can BUY ART and CRAFTS!!

I would like to encourage anyone who has time to attend the Market. If you go to their Kentucky Crafted website, you can get a $3-off coupon. Hope to see you there.

Mellwood Exhibit at Louisville Free Public Library Thursday, Dec 18 2008 

Art in the City, Select Works from the Mellwood Arts Center is on exhibit at the Louisville Free Public Library’s main branch, in its Bernheim Gallery. I was selected as one of the artists to exhibit, and my quilt Ste. Flannery will be on display from December 18 until February 8. It’s the first time I’ve ever been part of an exhibit, and I am quite pleased to have something I created on public display.

(OK. OK. Some of my day of the dead silks were shown at 21C in November, but that was part of a class project. This is the first time some unknown person pointed at my work and said, “we want one of hers.”)

There are a number of beautiful pieces on display down there — all from Mellwood artists. The types and styles of artwork on display are as varied as the artists at Mellwood. I hope if you are in the neighborhood, you stop by to see the exhibit.

Here are some pieces from the show:

Learning to Silk Paint by a Watercolorist Friday, Sep 12 2008 

I’m taking a class in silk painting. It’s taught by Luci Mistratov, a watercolorist. Below is the kind of work she does:

Am I intimidated? No. No. No……


OK. I am. I saw her just “doodle” with color on the silk and it became something ethereal.  I think I will learn something. I hope I will be able to understand the concepts and translate the watercolor techniques into fabric techniques. I want to make my quilts my own … from development of the fabrics, to completion of the quilting. And I think this class may help.

Silk painting by Luci Mistratov

Silk painting by Luci Mistratov

Personal Enrichment Thursday, Jul 24 2008 

Sometimes we need to take classes to grow. They give us an opportunity to meet like-minded people, to learn new techniques, and to see things from a different perspective. With that in mind, I’m taking a couple “personal enrichment” courses from the University of Louisville this fall. Personal enrichment, I suppose, means these classes aren’t for a grade or a degree. Of course, some of the best learning I have ever received was neither for a degree nor a grade, so I don’t think that should stop anyone from trying new things.

The classes I am taking are from the Delphi Center and include Intro to Silk Painting and Intro to Drawing. The silk painting will be valuable to me as a fiber artist. The drawing should improve my ability to “see” a scene and recreate it (at least, that is my hope.) (Additional: they are also offering a course on Digital Photography that I am quite tempted to take.)

Louisville has many opportunities to grow and to learn. In addition to the personal enrichment courses through the Delphi Center,  Jefferson County Public Schools offer “Lifelong Learning,” programs that run the gamut from “leisure learning to career enhancement.” Bellarmine University also provides continuing education programs (though they have not yet posted their fall schedule).

I never want to stop learning. I hope you, too, never stop.

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